Poppy seeds

Poppy seeds are ideal to decorate in a creative way both savory and sweet dishes. They can also be used with vegetables and in first courses too. They enrich dishes also from the nutritional point of view being an excellent natural source of fiber and minerals such as CALCIUM, PHOSPHORUS and MAGNESIUM.

Weight: 130 g


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Poppy seeds

poppy seeds*. * Organic product.
May contain traces of sesame

icon Gluten Free
Nutritional values
Typical values per 100 g
Energy 2231 KJ/ 533 kcal
Fat 41,5 g
of which saturated 4,5 g
Carbohydrate 28,1 g
of which sugars 2,9 g
Fibers 19,5 g
Protein 17,9 g
Salt 0,07 g
Calcium 1438 mg
Iron 9,76 mg
Magnesium 347 mg
Phosphorus 870 mg